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Ayahuasca Retreats and Spirit Healing Center offers you Ayahuasca retreats for your personal healing and your spiritual evolution. To have an experience or a path to the extra-dimensional ascension with Ayahuasca, you do not need a shaman, you do not need a master, you need an Ayahuasca programmer that knows to modify, optimize and execute the Ayahuasca software correctly in your system and to guide you the way to the extra dimension. In the Ayahuasca evolution and healing process the importance of Ayahuasca is 50 percent and the importance of the programmer the other 50 percent. Ayahuasca is a state of high technology and not of primitive sense, for this its correct programming in the human system is of absolute importance. Ayahuasca is a sophisticated intelligence of high technology with endless resources and tools. It can take you to dimensions where you alone will not be able to enter and where you need the guidance of an expert programmer to explore them properly. I invite you to advance truly in your spiritual evolution and personal healing with the Ayahuasca program and my professional guidance.


Ayahuasca is a quantum extra dimensional software, with portable programs that contain many tools and can run on different platforms. Encoded, configured and optimized correctly in your body and system, its execution is gradual and you can reach the extra dimensional ascension. When Ayahuasca is not correctly encoded and optimized in your system, its execution will result in errors and can cause many mental, physical and energetic conflicts and the total chaos of the mind.

The Recommended Process With Ayahuasca

Our recommended process with the Ayahuasca program, to understand it correctly and to have a safe experience and an excellent result, consists of 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies. In the first ceremony the programmer Ayar evaluates the state of the body, the mind and the energy of each person and starts to configure the systems. In the second ceremony the programmer continues the configuration process and you begin to feel how the program and the programmer work in your system. You start to learn to be in harmony with the internal and external mind and reality. In the third ceremony you learn how to concentrate properly that you are able to enter in the spiritual world and to enjoy the Ayahuasca visions. Through this safe and professional process with 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies you can reach a remarkable progress in your personal healing and your spiritual evolution. Your safety, health and wellbeing during this process is our absolute priority.

About Ayar


Ayahuasca Programmer Ayar is original of the Amazonia of Peru. He comes from a lineage of Ayahuasca Healers. For more than 10 years Ayar studied with different masters from the Amazon to learn the Ayahuasca science and the ancestral codes, the Ikaros. In the ceremonies Ayar configures the body, the mind and the energetic system, that activates the spiritual energy, with the tools of the Ayahuasca programming. In this manner he is opening dimensions parallel to our one, transporting us to spiritual worlds. Since 20 years Ayar guides people from all the world in their spiritual evolution.

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Plants Of Power

All power plants are quantum software. When you do not know the codes you should not touch them, because they can give you an error output and can cause many mental, physical and energetic conflicts and the total chaos of the mind. If you want to make a diet with plants of power you should know that the plant diet techniques are only to study the programming techniques. By ingesting plants of power just out of curiosity these codes can activate corrupt programs in your system, for example cancer species, paranoia species, and so on.

Mental Prison

When the software of Ayahuasca is well executed in your system it frees you from mental slavery, from your mental prison. The humanity goes to the direction of the mental enslavement, the mental conflicts are part of it. That state is a program from which we all want to free ourselves ... to be free. To see the freedom or the beauty is your decision ... to leave the mental zombie state in prison.

Ayahuasca Science And Study

To study the Ayahuasca software means to edit compatibility with your systems towards the extra dimensions. That requires computable processes of the source program to reach the ascension. That process of study takes many years.

Ayahuasca Retreats Preparation

The best preparation for the participation in our Ayahuasca retreat is to avoid any use of plants that contain hallucinatory substances & the use of alcohol as much days as possible before the retreat, at least 8 days before. This discipline is helpful to secure the process with the Ayahuasca program & to avoid that the atoms & energies of the Ayahuasca medicine mix with other atoms or energies & provoke a perturbation or intoxication. Also the use of any medication should be stopped before the retreat. In case you use medication please contact us to make an evaluation of your case. In relation to the nutrition we recommend food that is healthy, natural & rich in content.

Conditions For The Participation In Our Ayahuasca Retreat

The Ayahuasca Retreats are designed for people with good physical and psychological health. Persons that have any disease, any psychological problem or that are taking medications can not participate in our Ayahuasca retreats. For these persons we offer healing treatments.

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